Sexual Healing

I’m happy to report I’m well again and Sex is Awkward has returned… with some more awkward grossness. This particular one really made me cringe as I am not a tampon fan anyway! I’ve also never forgotten it was up there. If we want to continue to get grosss (and why not?) someone once told me they had to go to the doctor for stomach pains – they had TWO forgotten tampons up there!  How does someone forget they put a tampon in? Don’t you feel it? Then again, how do some women NOT know they’re prego?

Moving on I wanted to mention every Wednesday night there’s a internet radio program on Boston Free Radio called The Love Scene from 9:00PM-10:00PM. I recently heard it and they LOVE to talk about sex. Since I’m assuming you guys like that you should remember to tune in. You can also email them sex/love questions at or call them live at 617-454-4237. Good luck.

Sultan of Sex,